mercredi 29 octobre 2008

Exposición FOTOARTE 2008 en Vitoria-Gasteiz. 9 de septiembre- 30 de diciembre

Trabajando en uno de los muchos retratos de mi hermana.
Working on one of my numerous portraits of my sister.
Un portrait de ma soeur, encore.

En el proceso de hacer una escultura del grupo "hésitations".
Au travail sur une sculpture du groupe "hésitations" pour le sentier sculpturel de Mayronnes.

Estas fotos estan expuestas en diversos Centros Cívicos de Vitoria, de acuerdo al siguiente calendario:
-C.C Hegoalde: del 9 al 24 de septiembre
-C.C Judimendi: del 27 de septiembre al 13 de octubre
-C.C Lakua: del 17 de octubre al 6 de noviembre
-C.C Iparralde: del 10 de noviembre al 10 de diciembre
-C.C El Pilar: del 16 al 30 de diciembre

This photo exhibition takes place in different showrooms in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

7 commentaires:

Warren a dit…

I tracked down the photos and notice they are 'sin titulo'. Any reason for that I wonder!

The back view has very satisfying contrast between the artist in black and the colours of the painting.

Lucie G a dit…

Thank you Warren; yes, sometimes I prefer not having a title, maybe because it leaves more space for free interpretation.

Kate a dit…

What a wonderful sculpture! the wires and so on out of the neck are part of it are they not? I think it's terrific.
-A Canadian fan in Chicago! (Kate Bosher)

Kate a dit…

oops -- I just looked at a later picture of the sculpture finished -- one of three women. I was wrong about the wires. I love the rough look of the plaster bodies. They look as if they are about to turn into trees, like some unlucky Greek nymph.

Lucie G a dit…

Hello Kate, thank you for your nice messages! You're quite right about the bits coming out of the neck that are meant to be there: it's tow, and I liked the strange look of the sculpture at that point (while assembling different part).

I like the idea of the nymph too. And that makes me think of the wonderful Apollo and Daphne by Bernini. So impressive!

Anonyme a dit…

tres chouette!!!! :) xxx aram

Lucie G a dit…

Merci Aram! :-)