mercredi 7 juin 2017

"Autour du dessin contemporain"

Quelques images de l'exposition "Autour du dessin contemporain" à la galerie Art'Course à Strasbourg. Jusqu'au 24 juin, de mercredi à vendredi 15h - 19h, samedi 14h - 19h. Il y aura une visite guidée le samedi 17 juin à 16h.

A few photos of the exhibition in Art'Course gallery, Strasbourg, France. Until 24th June.

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warren a dit…

Lots of interesting drawings to mull over in the gallery ... which feels spacious and has plenty of light.

I love the way the exhibition is laid out .. so well worth a visit. Like a lot of towns there seems to be gradual gentrification going so the gallery should become a must visit sooner or later by going to the town centre via rue de la Course instead of straight on when coming out of the station .. (turn right then first left).

Our first visit to Strasbourg by the way so can't resist a little comment from two tourists .. charming and rather dinky town centre, like being in a nursery rhyme. But what a shame the beautiful station building has been covered by a huge outerspace glass dome. But notice this is often done .. sorry to harp on. Agen station ruined too. Gare St jean in Bordeaux still safe but now has catastrophically ugly lights outside ...looks like a football stadium. Maybe a wink to Chaban Delmas ...
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