vendredi 30 avril 2010

Zao Wou-Ki

Zao Wou Ki, Les citrons, 1950, 38x55 cm

Sans titre, 2003, 178x95 cm et Sans titre, 2004, 180x96 cm

Mai-septembre, 1992, 260x200 cm

Zao Wou Ki dans son atelier en 1954, photo de John Craven

Estoy leyendo un libro de José Frèches sobre Zao Wou-ki, (ediciones Polígrafa). Admiro una gran parte de las obras de este artista, nacido en China en 1921 y que se marchó a París.
Para los lectores que viven en Burdeos, hay una exposición de sus pinturas hechas con tinta en la galería DX hasta el 22 de mayo.

I've started reading a book about Zao Wou-Ki by José Frèches (ediciones Polígrafa). This artist was born in China in 1921 and decided quite young to move to Paris. I admire lots of his works, I hope you will like this little selection. For those of you who live in Bordeaux, you can see an exhibition of his ink paintings in the DX galerie, place des Quinconces. I hope I'll be able to see it before it ends (22d May).

Je suis en train de lire un livre sur Zao Wou-Ki par José Frèches (ediciones Polígrafa). J'admire beaucoup une (grande) partie des oeuvres de cet artiste (né en Chine en 1921 et parti vivre à Paris). Pour ceux d'entre vous qui habitent Bordeaux, il y a une exposition des encres de Zao Wou-Ki dans la galerie DX, place des Quinconces. Peut-être aurai-je l'occasion d'aller la voir, Jeux d'encres finit le 22 mai.

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Matritensis a dit…

No conocía a este hombre, pero lo que dibuja es algo siniestro.
Buen fin de semana Lucie ;)

Lucie G a dit…

Hola Matritensis, fijate, a mi no me da esta sensación en absoluto, es interesante como cada uno reacciona de una manera diferente.
A estos limones les veo muy alegres por ejemplo!
Besos y buen finde

warren a dit…

I'm going to try and go tomorrow ... in the freezing cold and rain!

For the moment I rather like the photo ... any way I will report back!

Lucie G a dit…

Thank you Warren, I'm looking forward to knowing what you think of it!

warren a dit…

At last I visited the Gallery with a friend. I had high hopes so was rather disappointed.

Firstly it is small, which doesn't matter if the atmosphere is friendly and the lighting good. Both these criteria fall short. (Not true, if you don't mind electric light the pictures were beautifully presented)! But I felt miffed at not being able to talk to someone.

The choice of Zao Wou-Ki's works was limited and no charming person appeared to chat to us. A sharp contrast to a gallery I went to in Madrid recently!

Galeria Rayuela is going to be hard to beat!

Lucie G a dit…

hello Warren, oh dear, I'm sorry you were disappointed!